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Google Docs, Part 1: Why use it?

I will begin this series with a disclaimer: I am not formally endorsing Google.  Nonetheless I would like to draw attention to a potentially useful tool, Google Docs. If  you are collaborating on a document and using a standard word processing program, the process usually involves an exchange of numerous […]

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Pecha Kucha: PowerPoint made Cooler

Many of us have sat through boring PowerPoint presentations.  Pecha Kucha (from a Japanese term for the sound of chitchat)* offers a solution to the problem. Devised by architects Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein, the Pecha Kucha format allows each presenter 20 slides: the presenter has 20 seconds per slide.  […]

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Concept Mapping Made Collaborative

Do you draw concept maps to brainstorm ideas?  If so, you might appreciate Mindmeister.  What truly sets Mindmeister apart from other concept mapping sites is its interactivity.  With Mindmeister you can collaborate on maps and share them in different formats.  Check it out at

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