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Workshop report, part three: What drives the instruction?

In his June 15 NERCOMP presentation Zak Stein described how testing not only measures outputs but also structures the system in which it takes place.  How does this concept apply to library instruction? Many instruction programs use pretests and post tests.  If the test questions deal with finding books or […]

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Workshop report, part two: Answering the “Why?”

At a June 15 NERCOMP workshop presenter Zak Stein voiced the sometimes-unasked student question “Why should I care about school?”  If we wish to foster a genuine love of learning in students, the question deserves attention. Let’s look at the more specific question “Why should I (the student) care about […]

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Workshop report, part one: Information literacy unpacked

On June 15 the Northeast Regional Computing Program (NERCOMP) held a workshop entitled “Assessment of student learning: Radical implications of the new science of learning.”  The presenter, Zachary Stein (Harvard University Graduate School of Education/Developmental Testing Service), left us participants with much food for thought. Stein mentioned that skills develop […]

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