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InfoSavvy on Vacation

InfoSavvy on Vacation

Hello!  InfoSavvy will be on vacation for the next two weeks. Image created at It’s not too early to think about scheduling a library session for the fall semester, though.  In the meantime, have a great rest of the summer!

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Summer reading for yearlong information literacy

My February 25 post “Fiction writing, real information literacy” described how writing fiction can serve as a research exercise.  Students can conduct research to give accurate detail to their works.  Similarly reading fiction can spark research ideas. For example I recently read Susan Kandel’s I dreamed I married Perry Mason.  […]

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Good presentation advice for any format

Since presenting information is part of information literacy, I regularly seek useful tips on making presentations.  Recently I had the chance to hear Roger Courville (1080 Group) offer his tips on web-based presentations.  Though he was addressing the specific concerns of online presentations, much of the advice made sense for […]

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The impact of learning impacts

Gary VanAntwerp at SMMconnect (Sales & Marketing Management magazine’s online community) recently introduced me to the concept of learning impacts.   After a workshop participants post in a forum the most important things they learned and the value (qualitative or quantitative) of these insights. While learning impacts resemble the minute papers […]

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