Google Docs, Part 2: Why not use it?

My last post covered the most suitable uses for  Google Docs .  This time let’s discuss the least suitable uses for it.

While Google Docs has many options (for ex. most of the popular fonts), it has somewhat fewer options than does standard word processing.  The same observation applies to the spreadsheet and presentation applications.  Please note that this observation comes from an informal exploration and not from a point-by-point comparison with regular word processing.  If you do need an unusual font or similar option, though, you would want to make sure that Google Docs has what you need.

A second consideration is privacy.  Google Docs’s strongest point, the ease of sharing documents, can be an issue if the document contains sensitive information.  If you share a document directly (instead of through a list of collaborators), your invitation to collaborate can be forwarded to others.*  Your best privacy protection is good judgment.  In Google Docs Help you can also read the article Adding viewers and collaborators for  information on controlling access to a document.

Again, try Google Docs for yourself.  Then you will truly see where it will and will not work for you.

*from the article “Adding viewers and collaborators”