Current technologies, timeless insights

On June 5, 2009, the USM Libraries hosted the NELIG (New England Library Instruction Group) Annual Program, Tapping into Learning Environments of the Future.  While speakers indeed used new technologies, the technology did not eclipse the solid insights on student learning.  Two particular examples come to mind.

Keynote speaker Donald P. Buckley (School of Health Sciences, Quinnipiac University) related brain research to our classroom activities.  He stressed the importance of connecting with students’ prior knowledge: self-authoring tools (e.g. ,blogs and wikis) can help in this regard.  He also spoke about giving students repeated exposure to key ideas.

Likewise, in her session “Real time global instruction in a virtual environment” Barb Mann (University of Maryland University College) mentioned the value of repeated engagement with content.   She has recorded synchronous online discussions.  The recordings not only allow those who couldn’t attend the original session to listen, but also allow all students to revisit the material as often as needed.

Thus “learning” was the operative word in the title of this conference.   For more information on other presentations at this event please visit the Past Programs section of the NELIG website.