Not your ordinary reminder

The fall semester is nearly upon us.  Instead of offering the usual reminder about scheduling library instruction, let us clear up a few possible misconceptions surrounding library instruction.

MYTH 1: A library instruction session takes an hour of your valuable class time.
FACT 1: Your class time is indeed valuable, but you can schedule shorter, more targeted, sessions.

MYTH 2: You need to schedule sessions at the beginning of the semester, when you’re most busy.
FACT 2: You can schedule them at any point in the semester, at the point of need.

MYTH 3: We librarians have to cover everything about the library in a single visit.
FACT 3: If you wish to cover a lot of library resources, we can do a series of shorter visits (See Fact 1.).  We can also supplement visits with course guides or other materials.

MYTH 4: If a class is not using library databases, an instruction session would not be especially relevant.
FACT 4: We librarians can cover a variety of information literacy topics and resources.  Contact us, and we can tailor something to your needs.

This last sentence is the most important one of all.  Come by and find out what the library can offer you and your students.