Putting the Learning in Online Learning

On October 30 USM co-hosted the New England Regional Sloan-C Conference.  The gathering brought together educators concerned with the quality of online education.  The attention to quality particularly struck me (Maureen Perry) in two of the presentations.

Michael Davis  (Pathfinder Consulting) described a learning module approach to course design.  Instead of having a confusing array of Blackboard buttons (Assignments, Course Documents, etc.) the instructor has the content organized into self-contained modules.  Students can spend more time engaging with the material and less time searching for it.

In the other session David Lavoie, an instructional designer,  and Andrew Rosman, an accounting professor, described their partnership at the University of Connecticut.    By paying close attention to course objectives at the start they made sure that the chosen technologies and activities best met the desired goals.  Thus the technology doesn’t drive the course: it serves the course.

Let us continue to share our ideas.  Let us continue to put the learning in online learning.