Helpful Hints and Lifelong Learning

On November 12 USM’s own Betty Robinson and Bernice Conklin-Powers presented a webcast entitled “Do what we say (now) not what we did (then): Information for those new to the scene.”   There they shared insights gained as they had transferred courses to online or blended format.

Some of the ideas were overall statements of good online practice.  For instance, samples and models become very important in an online environment, since online courses allow less opportunity for real-time interaction than do face-to-face courses.

Other ideas were more concrete tips.  Instead of responding to each discussion board post, for example, Conklin-Powers and Robinson recommend –when appropriate–unified responses to groups of posts.  This tip makes the workload more efficient and allows the instructor to address patterns in student responses.

As useful as the ideas were, the act of sharing them was the most important part of the presentation.  By telling their stories Robinson and Conklin-Powers were not only modeling lifelong learning, but  also contributing to it.

You can access the recording of this presentation via the NCLC ning (social network).  Go to the very bottom of the page for the link to the recording.