Conference Report, Part Two: Blogging about Blogging

A blog seems an appropriate place to comment on another noteworthy NERCOMP 2010 session, “Blogging in the classroom: Bane or blessing?”  Panelists from  Providence College spoke about their experiences with blogs in a particular course.

Robert Hackey offered the instructor’s viewpoint.  He found the blogs useful for the students in developing paper topics.  He also found the blog useful in allowing students to share more than text: the students became his “eyes and ears” in finding popular culture examples for the course.

Jacquelyn Bishop, Alexandra Campos, and Lindsay Nangle spoke from the student perspective.  They valued the blogs as a means of creative expression .  At the same time they saw the blogs as potential portfolios to show future employers.

Siobhan Ross spoke as the instructional technologist.  She mentioned the need for ongoing technical support.   She offered practical tips– for ex., making the main course blog look different from the students’ personal blogs– as well.

All of the panelists stressed the need for clear, realistic expectations.  Likewise they all mentioned the importance of fully integrating the blogs with the rest of the course.   They even suggested including the blogs as part of the course evaluations.