Good presentation advice for any format

Since presenting information is part of information literacy, I regularly seek useful tips on making presentations.  Recently I had the chance to hear Roger Courville (1080 Group) offer his tips on web-based presentations.  Though he was addressing the specific concerns of online presentations, much of the advice made sense for any kind of presentation.

Courville mentioned the importance of stopping a presentation in order to interact with participants.  In the webinar environment you usually don’t get to see the participants, but stopping to pay attention to participants is important in any environment.

He also mentioned the idea of landing slides, wich help remind participants  of a presentation’s main ideas.  Again, this concept would help a presenter in front of a room or in front of a computer screen.

Likewise the idea of uncluttered slides is nothing new, but this point serves as a fresh reminder for new online presenters.  “Good slides make bad handouts,” Courville noted, “and good handouts make bad slides.”  Detailed handouts can supplement a presentation and free the presenter to focus more on the quality of interaction.

The quality of interaction was Courville’s overall emphasis.    Whether our presentations are in person or online, don’t we want a high-quality interaction with our listeners?

Roger Courville.  “Beyond slideshows:  Influence decisions with effectively planned & delivered web-based presentations.” Webinar.  June 22, 2010