An InfoSavvy reminder before fall

We, the USM librarians, hope you have been enjoying the summer.  As you prepare for those fall semester courses, please think of the library in your plans.

  • You don’t need to schedule something for the first week of classes.  Often a library visit at the point of need can work better than a session held too early in the semester.
  • You don’t need to schedule a session for an entire class.  We  can conduct shorter, customized sessions.
  • Your don’t need to assign a research paper.  We can assist with information needs for a variety of assignments.
  • You don’t even need to schedule a librarian visit.  We can set up online resource guides for your courses.   We’re happy to field questions through Ask-a-Librarian as well.

Talk to us at the library.  We’re happy to work with you!  Enjoy the rest of the summer.