Organizational tools where you already are

If you’ve assigned your students a research paper or an annotated bibliography, it isn’t too early to encourage good organizational habits.  Many tools exist to help students–and the rest of us–keep track of articles, but let’s not forget a tool close at hand.

Most databases allow users to set up free accounts.  Through these accounts the user can article citations and/or database searches.

To set up a MyEBSCOhost account for EBSCO databases (ex. Academic Search Complete)* go here


CSA database (ex. Sociological Abstracts)* users can create a My Research account by clicking here


Those using Wilson Web databases (ex. Education Full Text)* can create a My WilsonWeb account through this link

My Wilson Web

Try these account options for yourself.  Invite your students to do the same.  If you’re using the databases to find articles, why not use them to help you organize articles?

*These examples apply to USM subscriptions only.