Profiles in Collaboration One


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Instead of mentioning our librarians’ willingness to collaborate with you, I’ll share one real-life example of such a partnership.  This one features the Lewiston-Auburn College’s Library Director Evelyn Greenlaw and Social & Behavioral Sciences Professor Jan Hitchcock.

In the Spring 2007 semester Hitchcock and Greenlaw co-taught LCC 200, Creative Critical Inquiry into Modern Life.  Both wanted to look at where information literacy and critical thinking came together.  They especially wanted to explore this intersection in more depth than circumstances had previously allowed.  Each one brought her individual perspective to the course, but the co-teaching (as opposed to team teaching or guest lecturing) provided continuity for the students.

In the end both instructors emerged with a broadened outlook on information literacy.  They found that they had become more reflective practitioners in their respective fields.

Since this course is part of LAC’s Common Core, the collaboration had administrative support.  Furthermore LAC has a history of library involvement in the curriculum.  For more information you can email either Jan Hitchcock or Evelyn Greenlaw.

To share your own story of information literacy collaboration you can email me, Maureen Perry.  I hope you do so!