Profiles in Collaboration Two


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On November 4 I posted the inaugural Profile in Collaboration and invited you to share yours.  Tim Lynch, Reference Librarian, kindly shared the following:

Over several years, Tim Lynch, USM reference Librarian, and Karen Day, Lecturer in Adult and Higher Education, have cultivated a professional relationship that serves students taking online courses via Blackboard.   This is particularly evident in HRD 604 where instructor contact information for both Tim and Karen is listed on the course syllabus and is available from the Bb course site.  Students know during the week when developing online research skills and learning to write papers in APA format are the foci that Tim and Karen are co-teachers.  Tim fields questions about doing research and Karen concentrates on the nuances of APA formatting.  In collaboration with Karen, Tim has created several instructive word documents and Camtasia videos breaking down research skills into step-by-step “Scenarios” allowing students to follow along in the process.  When students are using those resources, Tim spends time monitoring a Blackboard discussion board so students can ask him questions directly.  The result is that students have the benefit of library instruction in the online venue where students may need extra research help.  That students really appreciate Tim’s help and assistance is substantiated by the way the students stay in contact with Tim throughout their program as other research questions come up.   Karen says:  “While Tim is the designated research librarian for our program, by closely working with students, he becomes their research librarian of choice.”

Please feel free to contact Tim Lynch or Karen Day with any questions.  Again, please share your collaboration stories with me, Maureen Perry.  Thank you!