Competency standards and stakeholder needs

I listened to a February 16 webinar entitled  “Competency-based education and performance assessment: WGU’s model for success.”  Diane Johnson and Janet Schnitz of Western Governors University spoke of WGU’s competency-based approach.

They spoke of three guiding questions:

  1. What must students know?
  2. To what degree must students know it?
  3. How will we know that students know it?

These questions merit consideration in general.

They stressed the importance of observable, measurable, and operationalized outcomes/competencies.   They also mentioned using a variety of assessments.  Additionally they described  WGU’s responsiveness to employer and societal needs.

From an information literacy standpoint this attention to stakeholders is interesting.  After all one element of information literacy (Competency Standard 4.3) is “communicating the product or performance effectively to others.” *

*Association of College & Research Libraries. (2000).  Information literacy competency standards for higher education. Retrieved from