An InfoSavvy way of doing business

Image from Victor1558 : Retrieved from, and used according to a Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0

As I promised in my April 28 post , I’d like to share some workplace etiquette resources.  Business etiquette is indeed a subject heading in  URSUS, the UMaine system  catalog.  Let’s not forget what you might find in MaineCat, the larger statewide catalog.

Additionally let’s not forget reputable websites.   Emily Post, a name synonymous with etiquette, has a website with a whole section on business etiquette.   The Forbes website also has articles on office etiquette: they are listed toward the bottom of the page.

In the workplace we face many information needs, including advice on how to behave in different situations.   These resources would be useful for recent graduates, other job-seekers, or anyone needing an info-savvy way of doing business.