Profiles in Collaboration Four

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On May 13 I attended the Association of College & Research Libraries New England Chapter conference.  Collaboration was even a formal theme of this event, “Creative collaborations: Remake, remix, remodel.”

Though the opening keynote speaker, Dr. Mark Rice (Worcester Polytechnic Institute School of Business), emphasized the creative aspect of the theme, he also highlighted the need for everyone–regardless of position–to help in making their organizations better.  The morning breakout session demonstrated a teaching method with collaborative potential.  This technique, the Cephalonian method, * could keep all library departments on the same proverbial page in student worker training.

The afternoon breakout session showcased the use of liaison teams (a librarian and an academic technology specialist) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  The speakers distinguished between cooperation and collaboration: the latter involves greater commitment and shared risk than does the former.  The closing keynote speaker, artist Umberto Crenca (AS220),  showed how artists and city leaders collaborated to revitalize Providence, R.I.

Since  it was a Maine broadcast of a Massachusetts conference, the event itself came from a collaboration among multiple sites.   The breakout sessions for the Maine broadcast had been chosen by vote.

If you have questions about the conference, please feel free to ask me, Maureen Perry.    I hope you enjoyed this profile.   Check the November 4, 2010; December 2, 2010; and April 21, 2011 posts for previous segments.  Thank you very much!

*NOTE: This site is not from the conference speakers, but it offers a useful handout on the Cephalonian method.