Recreational reading resources

Girl on the Beach  Image from Freeimageslive/Julien Tromeur, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License Unported

Do you plan to catch up on leisure reading this summer?  Here are a few resources for you:

If you follow particular series of books, this site helps you keep track of them.  FictFact will notify you when new titles are added to a series.  You can even create custom reports of what you’ve already read and what you’ve not yet read.

Let’s not forget our statewide library catalog (This is a library blog, after all!).  For your research needs and for your recreational needs it’s there.

Do you enjoy your books via an MP3 player or an e-reader?  Here you can find many titles to download. It includes a list of compatible devices.

Thanks to the Maine State Library Readers’ Advisory Service for recommending this site.  By browsing for a favorite author you can find similar authors and genres.

Leisure reading is a legitimate information need, and your time for it is valuable.  These tools can help you make the most of that time.  Happy reading!