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Summer means travel for many people, and travel presents many information needs.   While discount travel sites are handy for booking flights and hotels, let’s not forget about other information needs.  In honor of Bastille Day let’s imagine a trip to Paris.

Firstly we’ll need up-to-date passports.  We can go to the U.S. State Department for such information.

In Paris we’ll want to see the sites.  Let’s go to the Louvre: when is it open?  We can find out on its official website.

For a side excursion outside of Paris we may want to see the train schedules.  We can check those through the SNCF website.

These resources may seem like obvious choices, and they fit a particular scenario.  I’m also offering a mere sample of such resources.  All the same they remind us of how we use information when traveling.  Here’s wishing you safe and happy travels.