Looking back on learning (Infosavvy)

Image courtesy of www.freeimages.co.uk

The 2010 NERCOMP conference inspired three 2010 postings on this blog: March 12March 18, and April 15.  Recently I found the notes for what I’d intended as a fourth post.

Katie Livingston Vale (Harvard University) spoke of Harvard’s general education efforts.  She spoke of general education’s potential to provide students a sense of coherence.

She also played some course trailers .  Though the trailers were not specifically student-created, students could create course trailers to demonstrate what they’ve learned.  These videos could serve as non-text “letters to future students” (See Stephen Brookfield’s Discussion as a Way of Teaching for a description of this exercise.).

Every so often we do well to look back on our learning.  Students can do so via the letters or trailers.  I’m doing so by looking at notes from past conferences.