Notes on being a co-learner

Musical notes and stars
Image from Emily Ami Mu: Retrieved from, and used under a Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0.

As an undergrad I took a seminar on the Faust legend.  The instructor, a music professor, told us students that he would be a co-learner of the course’s non-musical content.   Now that I am an instructor myself,  I further appreciate this approach.

I am co-teaching a section of FRS197 (Information Power Unleashed).   Obviously I’m sharing my research skills and experience.  At the same time I’m learning about such things as grading and navigating the instructor side of Blackboard.

The Association of College & Research Libraries mentions lifelong learning in theInformation literacy defined” section of its Information Literacy Standards.   If we make our own learning explicit, doesn’t it model lifelong learning?

For more information on the course read:

Chabora, R. (1989). Music in general studies: Images of Faust; The persistence of the legend in the arts. Maine Scholar, 2, 101-108.

Here’s wishing everyone a semester full of pleasant learning opportunities.