Saluting and informing musicians

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I dedicate this entry to my mother, a former accompanist and one of the most info-savvy people I know.  Her love of music reminds me of musicians’ information needs.

Abromeit and Vaughan (2004), for example, discuss how opera performers use certain resources to prepare for roles.  At the Oberlin Conservatory of Music the Library and the Opera Theater department collaborated to better teach students about these resources.  If you view the associated guide, you’ll get a feel for the role preparation needs of an opera singer.

Pierce (2010) provides an example of another information need, musician-oriented wellness information.  She describes the process of collecting material on the subject.  She also describes her course on Mind and Body Health for Musicians (University of Washington), and related courses.

These are only two examples.  All the same the initiatives address musicians’ real information needs.  I close by saluting a very special musician:  Happy birthday, Mom!


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