Pecha Kucha firsthand

Pecha Kucha Den Haag no2

Image from Marco Raaphorst: Retrieved from and used under a Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0

In April 2009 I had written about the concept of Pecha Kucha, where presenters can use only 20 slides each and have only 20 seconds per slide.   In January 2010 I wrote about the experience of attending a Pecha Kucha night.  On October 7  I  actually presented at one (Lewiston).  I shared poems inspired by USM’s Franco-American Collection and paired them with images from the Collection.

The most obvious challenge was keeping within the 20-second limit.  Though my poems tend to be short, 20 seconds pass by quickly.

An additional challenge was choosing the best visuals for my poems.  Since Pecha Kucha nights were started by architects, these events tend to showcase the visual.  I, on the other hand, come from an oral performance background.  Thus I had a chance to develop my visual literacy.

I enjoyed networking with the other presenters as well.  Information, after all, is social!

I would still recommend experiencing such an event.  I can still see the benefits of assigning such presentations.  Now my recommendations come from firsthand experience.