Showcasing the LibGuides

Packed Like Sardines for LibGuides.  Photo by rmoniz510 (Richard Moniz).  Retrieved from and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 2.0.


On October 26 I attended the iTech  Showcase.  Though all of the sessions were outstanding, I’ll highlight the session on LibGuides.  I’ll do so not only because Evelyn Greenlaw and I co-presented the session, but also becasue it reminded participants of what services the libraries can offer.

Evelyn and I showcased some ways in which we customize the guides for our respective faculty members.  For example my guides contain welcome videos (Home page) and embedded tutorials (Find Articles page).  Evelyn’s guides notify faculty of new library books.  She has also created guides to help in college-wide initiatives, such as lean.

These are only samples.  Check out the libraries’ LibGuides page for other creative examples.  Contact your liaison librarian for guides of your own.