Library metaphors: Laboratories and more

Two female laboratory workers test synthetic rubber in the Polymer Rubber Corporation plant. / À la Société Polymer Limitée, deux employées font des essais sur du caoutchouc synthétique.
Image from, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0

I’ll start the new year with some metaphors.  Howard (2009) uses the laboratory metaphor for describing special collections.  Gluibizzi (2008) uses the concept of a salon to discuss libraries.  Mathews (2011) refers to a “learning boutique.”

What do these three metaphors have in common–aside from their library connection?  Each one involves interaction and engagement.  In a laboratory one observes how materials interact.  In a salon people engage with ideas and with each other.  In a boutique one interacts with the merchandise.

Likewise libraries are places not only for finding information but also for engaging with it.    Isn’t this engagement what information literacy is all about?


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