Cooking up library lessons

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Saturday night I watched the film Babette’s Feast.  On Sunday I tried my slow cooker for the first time (Do we detect a theme here?).  Coincidentally I’m reading The Information Literacy Cookbook as well.

The chapter authors use cooking analogies to describe information literacy concerns in a variety of settings: public libraries, school libraries, the business community, adult education, etc.  After all, information literacy relates not only to college assignments but also to life outside of college.

Each chapter offers instructional tips suited to the given setting.  As one would do with a cookbook, I see myself referring back to this book.  Already it is helping me refine my instruction menu, a menu which should lead to more productive library visits.


Secker, J., Boden, D., & Price, G. (Eds.). (2007). The information literacy cookbook: Ingredients, recipes and tips for success.  Oxford, England: Chandos.

P.S.  The slow cooker meal turned out passably well.