Timely resources

Image from www.freeimages.co.uk

Daylight Saving Time began this past Sunday, and today is March 15–commonly thought of as the Ides of March.  This coming Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day.  Also, spring officially begins soon.  Speaking of dates and times,  let’s look at some useful online clocks and  calendars.

Do you need to find the time zone for a place you’re traveling to or for a place where a faraway loved one lives?  Try The World Clock. This customizable clock covers 500 locations worldwide.

Have you tried to remember what day of the week a certain day fell on in a certain year?  The 10, 000 year Calendar is a useful resource.  Though you cannot search it, you can specify a year and get the full calendar for that year.

Do you belong to a group whose members need to coordinate schedules?  Don’t overlook Google Calendar.   Other shared calendars exist, but Google’s near-ubiquity make this one worth a try.

I found all of these resources through the IPL2 (http://www.ipl.org/), a librarian-developed tool  for finding quality websites.   I looked at the calendar resources, but you can find timely resources on a variety of topics.