Beyond computer literacy

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March 26 would have been my father’s 80th birthday (He passed away 10 years ago.).  Since he’d been a computer operator, I’ll honor my dad with a technology-themed post.

Computer literacy does not equal information literacy.  The distinction is not a new one. The ERIC database lists a 1983 article on the subject:
Horton, F.W. (1983). Information literacy vs. computer literacy. Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science, 9(4), 14-16.

An Education in the 21st Century blog post defines computer literacy as “knowing how to use computers in a proper fashion.”  The blogger contrasts this with information literacy, “the ability to find and organize information.”  Though information literacy involves more than these two elements, the basic distinction remains important.  Actually the blogger goes beyond the distinction and integrates the two.

Technology has changed.  Our conceptions of information literacy have changed.  The need to think about these issues hasn’t.


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