Of poems and posts

Image by tukanuk (Benjamin Davidson): Retrieved from http://www.flickr.com/photos/tukanuk/4564111366/ and used according to a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Poetry Month brings to mind my favorite open mic.  Both the open mic and this blog motivate me to write regularly.  How do I keep coming up with new material?  Some strategies serve me well both for blogging and for performing.

  • Person or occasion

Many of my posts honor different occasions.  Other posts have honored people–most notably my parents (See my October 13, 2011  and April 5, 2012  posts.).  People and events have also given me ideas for poems.  I particularly remember my poem for the open mic’s anniversary.

  • Past material

Sometimes I revise a poem I have performed before.  On InfoSavvy you’ve read my multi-part posts or my posts that refer back to earlier posts.

  • Random reading

I read something in the professional literature, and it becomes a blog post.  When I read about a poetic technique, I want to experiment with it.

What do these observations have to do with information literacy?  They speak to the identification of an information need ACRL Standard One).  When I write for InfoSavvy, I choose a rough topic, find information on the topic, and refine my focus based on what I’ve learned.  My comments also point to the role of audience in information literacy (ACRL Standard Four).  In response to  audience feedback, for example, I focus on writing French language material for the open mic.

I hope you have had a pleasant Poetry Month.  I hope the remainder of this semester treats you well.


Association of College & Research Libraries. (2000). Information literacy competency standards for higher education. Retrieved from http://www.ala.org/acrl/standards/informationliteracycompetency