Quotes for your commencement speech

Image from http://www.freeimages.co.uk

With commencements come commencement speeches.  With commencement speeches come the inspirational quotes.  If you’ve been invited to give a speech, Google (used judiciously–of course) is a handy tool, but don’t forget about the library’s quotation resources:

  • Oxford Reference Online contains quotation books. You can type in a known quote.  Alternately you can browse individual books for quotes on a given subject.
  • CredoReference also has Quotations as a category.  Again you can search for a given quote or browse for quotes on a given subject.   The latter method can yield some interesting lesser-known quotes.

I’ll close with this hidden gem of a quote:

“Diamonds are only chunks of coal, that stuck to their jobs, you see.”

–Minnie Richard Smith, “Stick to Your Job,” lines 1–2.—Christian F. Kleinknecht, Poor Richard’s Anthology of Thoughts on Success, p. 44 (1947).

I found it in Respectfully Quoted via CredoReference.  Have a safe and fun commencement weekend!