A post on conferences past

Image from olaaccess: Retrieved from http://www.flickr.com/photos/onlibraryassoc/5451966048/ and used according to a Creative Commons Attribution License

Now that the semester has ended, I’m tidying up my office.  I find paperwork from past conferences.  Normally these notes make their way into my InfoSavvy posts.  Here are some conferences that predated my time with InfoSavvy:

This conference lived up to its theme of creativity.  As a brainstorming technique we tossed a ball: I could see the benefit for kinesthetic learners .  Similarly the musical instruments we tried could appeal to auditory learners.  These approaches were novel, yet useful. Novelty and usefulness are the most commonly named characteristics of creativity (Sternberg, 1999, p. 450).

My highlight from this conference was meeting actor Michael York !  That said, I learned about federated searching–searching across catalogs and databases–at an event called Digital Desserts (The desserts were real.).  I also learned about the National Survey of Student Engagement at another inspiring session.

I wrote about this one on my former blog, Bridges.  The dialogue between a librarian and a college administrator modeled dialogues that should take place on all campuses.  The session on embedded librarianship modeled useful collaboration.  A session on a community’s “One Book” program gave me ideas for Lewiston/Auburn’s program.

Stay tuned for posts on current conferences.  In the meantime here’s to professional growth–past, present, and future!


Sternberg, R. (Ed.). (1999). Handbook of creativity.  New York, NY: Cambridge UP.