Reporting from boot camp

Tufts University: View of the City, by Knar Bedian (hyekab25).  Retrieved from, and used according to a Creative Commons Attribution License.

On June 1 I attended the 2nd annual Social Science Librarians’ Boot Camp at Tufts University.  Keynote speaker Dr. Amy Glasmeier (MIT) highlighted an emerging role for librarians as collaborators with subject faculty, especially in the areas of managing and curating data.  This notion set the tone for the whole conference.

First, faculty experts shared their research on elections.  Dr. Charles Stewart III (MIT) examined election administration reforms and the public perceptions of them .  Dr. Joseph Tecce (Boston College) looked at candidates’ nonverbal behavior, particularly eye blink rate and gaze avoidance.  Munish Puri (Recorded Future) helped monitor elections in Egypt.

A second panel concerned research methods in two disciplines.  Dr. Sarah Pinto (Tufts University) discussed participant observation in anthropology.  Dr. Keith Maddox (Tufts University) explained the basic tenets of social psychology.

The rest of the day was more library-oriented.  Thanks to Amanda Isenstark (University of Rhode Island) I learned about upgrades to Zotero and about another citation manager, MendeleyKatherine McNeill (MIT) introduced participants to research data management services.

As in any boot camp the speakers covered much ground with us learners.  I cannot do justice to any of the sessions, but the experience offered a taste of potential collaborations.  Please feel free to contact me for more information.