Sun safety and trademarked toys

The Great Island Trail: Wellfleet, Cape Cod*.  Image from

This past Saturday a bunch of us from the Lewiston-Auburn College marched in the Moxie Festival parade.  This experience evoked two information needs.

Spending time in the sun meant the need for skin protection.  The Skin Cancer Foundation offers some advice for protecting yourself.  The libraries also have a subscription to Consumer Reports, which occasionally compares sunscreens.

I enjoyed handing out plastic flying discs to kids of all ages (Parents, grandparents, and dog owners enjoyed them, too.).  Before the parade started, a clown who also worked in advertising mentioned that Frisbee® is a registered trademark.  The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has the official details (Search under “Frisbee disc.”).  The Wham-O website has the history of the product.

Sometimes you need practical knowledge.  Sometimes you seek fun facts.  Either time calls for information.  Stay safe.  Have fun.  Stay info savvy.


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