Google Sites update


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Last November I posted about Google Sites.  I had only begun playing with them at the time.  Now that I’ve used them more, I can share some more informed thoughts.

Google Sites are fairly easy to edit, but a website in general is probably not the place to record daily–or even weekly–progress in assorted projects.  Such regular updating is better suited to a blog, a Twitter feed, or a Facebook page.

That said I can still see a site as a showcase for my professional activities.  I am still exploring the possible widgets I can use, but documents,  images and hyperlinks would probably meet my needs at this time.  I will have to think about those needs as the site evolves.

Though it no longer reflects my original concept of a developmental portfolio, the site can still serve a purpose.  Using information to accomplish a specific purpose is part of information literacy (ACRL, 2000).


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