Usual and unusual reminders

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Welcome back!!!

I hope your summer has been safe and pleasant.  I’ll start the semester with the usual reminders:

  • We librarians enjoy visiting with your classes.  We can customize a session to meet learners’ particular needs.  If you have little time to spare, we can do shorter visits or create supplemental course guides.  We can also do sessions at point of need, not only during the first few weeks.
  • Please remind your students to get their USM cards activated as library cards.  The minute it takes now will save them hours of hassle later.

I’ll also add some less-than-usual reminders:

  • Check out the current version of the library website, as it keep changing.  Please feel free to offer your feedback.  We cannot guarantee that we shall implement your suggestions, but we do welcome them.
  • On the library homepage check out the tab for “Articles,” and the one for “Journals.”  The former leads you to the article databases, such as Academic Search Complete, which search across many journals.  The latter takes you to specific journals: that way you can follow a favorite publication.

We look forward to working with you.  In the meantime I wish all of you a wonderful semester!