Happy Info Lit Awareness Month!

Image courtesy of Libraries Thriving

Since it is National Information Literacy Awareness Month, I couldn’t let October go by without an InfoSavvy post on the subject.  What is information literacy anyway?  I’ll give the ACRL Standards a rest this week–with all due respect to them– and share what info lit means to me.

First of all information literacy is about more than finding information.  It involves using information thoughtfully and sharing it ethically.  It involves organizing information and creating knowledge.  With information literacy we create culture instead of having it always created for us.

Similarly info lit should not be limited to the classroom.  It is part of everyday life.  It means a lifetime of learning.  We don’t become information literate once and for all.  We continue to develop our skills and habits in an ever-changing information landscape. This statement even applies to us librarians who work with information every day.

I envision libraries as places where people can work and play with information.  I see librarians as people who can assist in the process.  What does information literacy mean to you?