Not only about the technology, part two

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Last week I reported on my first Sloan-C breakout session.  This week’s post describes a breakout session led by Amy Gieseke  (University of Southern Maine) and Araminta Star Matthews (University College)

Instructors of liberal arts classes want to share their passion for the material.  Students want a (better) job upon graduation.  Employers want employees who have the skills that they need.  Though I overgeneralize, each group does approach education from a different perspective.  Their respective aims, though, are more similar than they first appear.  The chief difference is one of language.

The session looked at how we can use such tools as O*Net to couch our learning outcomes more in the language of employers.  Such insights that can apply to many courses–online or otherwise.

I have begun to think of how we can discuss information literacy habits in such language.  At the very least we can look at how our information literacy sessions foster communication and problem-solving skills.