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This post is not an endorsement–paid or otherwise–for Adobe® Acrobat® Pro.  Rather, it describes the building of my first Acrobat® Pro portfolio.

Step One: Scanning Documents

I needed artifacts to put into the portfolio.  Fortunately I had handouts related to some research I am doing.  Using a scanner attached to a Mac allowed me to practice both scanning and Mac navigation.

Step Two: Creating the Portfolio

Before the Commons had Acrobat Pro, I had listened to a webinar on using Acrobat Pro for portfolios.  I created a base container (portfolio) and added my scanned documents from Step One.

Step Three: Making Comments and Annotations

Portfolios involve feedback.  In the absence of another party I chose a document I am planning to re-work and made notes to myself.  Acrobat Pro options include highlighting, text annotation, and voice annotation.  To save memory I only used highlighting and text, though I would love to try voice.

Step Four: Sharing

Portfolios also involve sharing.  As with most PDF documents you can attach the portfolio to an email.  If you prefer to send a link, you can do so via Adobe® SendNow Online.

You can view my portfolio in a post on my other blog, Mo’s Library Learning.  Next week I’ll share the reflective work I have done with this portfolio.