Building academic communities

Image courtesy of the American Library Association

National Library Week begins this coming Sunday.  Since librarianship is a highly collaborative field, I salute my fellow librarians: I am honored to share ideas with you on a daily basis.  I also salute you, my non-librarian readers.  After all, we librarians are here to work with you.  How can we make our collaborations even more fruitful?

We can start by revisiting the instruction menu (Please see my 3/8/12 and 6/14/12 posts. ).     For example my class visit menu already includes the following student behaviors:

  • Finding books or DVDs in URSUS (the library catalog) [10 minutes]
  • Using the catalog in a more advanced way [10 minutes]
  • Finding articles in Academic Search Complete [15 minutes]
  • Distinguishing popular magazine articles from scholarly journal articles [20 minutes]

We could  develop a menu of alternative or complementary services as well.  On the librarian’s part these could include:

  • Monitoring a dedicated online discussion board (Please specify a start date and end date.)
  • Creating a course guide (Please specify the objectives.)
  • Scheduling one-on-one research appointments with students

These ideas are only a sample of the possibilities.

The theme for National Library Week is “Communities Matter.”  How can our collaborations help build the academic community?