World Book Night 2013: My Current Reads

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World Book Night U.S. will take place on April 23.  This event is about sharing books with light readers and nonreaders.  Actually it is about sharing the love of reading–period.  In that latter spirit I’ll share the books I’m currently reading:

Professional Reading

Gibson, C. (Ed.). (2006). Student engagement and information literacy.    Chicago, IL: Association of College & Research Libraries.

Some of my current research on general education led me to this book.  The book considers different forms of student engagement: engagement with course content, engagement with the community, and integration of academics with the rest of one’s life.  This nuanced view of engagement adds value to an already useful book (including the gen ed chapter).

Poetic Inspiration

Pasteur, L. (1939). Installation solennelle de la Faculté des lettres de Douai et de la Faculté des sciences de Lille.  In P. Vallery-Radot (Ed.), Oeuvres de pasteur (Vol. 7, pp. 129-132).  Paris, France: Masson et Cie (Original work published 1854).

I’m only reading one particular lecture in this volume.  I’m writing a poem based on Pasteur’s words “Chance favors the prepared mind.”  I hope to gain ideas from reading the line in both its original context and its original language.

Tasty Recipes

Best of country slow cooker recipes. (2002). Greendale, WI: Reiman Media Group.

From all of my food-themed posts you would think I am an avid cook: I am, in truth, more of a survival cook.  That said, we can all relate to food examples.  Besides, I do want to make good use of my slow cooker.

Leisure Reading

Parker, R. B. (2011). Painted ladies. New York, NY: Berkley Books.

I enjoy the late Robert B. Parker’s novels.  I hadn’t read this particular one yet.  I read about Boston’s fictional hero Spenser as I think of the real heroes from the Boston Marathon tragedy.

We promote and celebrate reading on World Book Night.  Then again, any night is a good night to celebrate reading.