Preparing a graduation poem

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A few weeks ago I mentioned my latest poem, a piece based on some words from Pasteur.  This piece has called for preparation–and information.

As I described, I went to the original speech which features the quotation.  I read French, but it is not technically my first language (I learned it at a young age.).  Thus I’m also consulting an English translation (Peterson, 1954, pp. 469-474).  Doing so brings to mind ACRL (2000) outcome 1.3.b: “Considers the feasibility of acquiring a new language or skill (foreign or discipline-based) in order to gather needed information and to understand its context (p. 9).”

I imagine a hypothetical graduation and have even consulted a book of occasional poetry (O’Brien, 2004).  After all, as Pasteur said, “Chance favors only those minds which are prepared (Peterson, 1954, p.473). ”

I’ll share the resulting poem in a future post.  Once again I congratulate our graduates!


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