The info lit of downsizing

Unsorted receipts

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I am moving into a shared office.  The related downsizing has involved the usual decisions to keep, toss, or query things–especially books and files.  These questions call for information literacy.

To place a book or paper into any of these categories involves judging its currency and relevance.  If an item no longer serves my needs, it obviously goes into the toss pile.

Like many people I have a large query pile of things that might be relevant.  Zotero helps me save citations to these “just in case” items.  Then I can move those printouts to the toss pile.  If I need the information again, I can find it.

How do I organize what I keep?  I have switched to pencil for labeling my files.  As my needs change, I can change the file names.  Zotero supplements my paper filing system by letting me  put the same citation in multiple collections.  That way I have both the easier-to-read printouts and the more versatile electronic filing.

Information literacy goes beyond finding information.   It includes evaluating and managing information as well.  My downsizing is very much a work in progress, but this info lit concept has led to progress.