Never too early

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The Lewiston-Auburn College has an undergraduate capstone course known as Senior Seminar (Senior Sem).  There I can reach the greatest number of students at an important moment in their USM careers.  Already I’m preparing for the fall sections.

Since I had worked with one of the instructors before, she wisely had us start with the Blackboard site from the last time she’d taught Senior Sem.  I sent her the updates to outdated library links.  When appropriate I also sent her links to useful resources, such as an APA blog post on how to think through references.

For an online section I sent a list of key contacts, resources, and services.  I included guidelines for email and discussion boards as well.  That way users will get the most out of these tools.

These seem like very basic steps, but they build a solid foundation for what I hope are full collaborations.  These collaborations can never start too soon.