Highlights and reminders

Apple and pencil

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Welcome back!

I hope the summer has treated you wonderfully!  Here are my highlights and reminders:

I’ve been decluttering both my work office and my home office.  For more details you can read the July 11 and August 16 posts respectively.  I have taken time for leisure reading, though, as noted in the July 18 and August 22 posts.

Now that the students are back, please remind them to activate their USM cards as library cards.  They can do so at any of the three campus libraries.  Online students can consult the Distance Learning  Services page.  The sooner they do so,  the sooner they can access the article databases and other resources.  Likewise the students should set up their ILLiad  (interlibrary loan) accounts. This account will help them obtain those harder-to-find, but most relevant materials.

I look forward to working with the students and with you.  Here’s wishing us all a semester full of highlights!