InfoSavvy costuming

Vintage Halloween card of woman in costume
Image from the New York Public Library Digital Gallery

Are you thinking about your Halloween costume?  Here are some resources for costume ideas:

Gale Virtual Reference Library

This tool includes the Encyclopedia of Clothing & Fashion, as well as the American Decades series (for each era’s fashion trends).  I’d recommend these for people who already have an idea but want to flesh it out.

Academic Search Complete

If you thought ASC was only for scholarly articles, think again!  You can limit the search to magazine articles.  A rough search, limited to magazines, for “Halloween costumes” yielded a number of hits.  For children’s costumes one article (Brody, 2011) paired  design instructions with corresponding storybooks.

Special Collections

Archival and family photos can spark ideas, too.  If you are near the Portland campus, check out its Special Collections.  Likewise the Franco-American Collection is a resource for folks in the Lewiston area.

I often get my costumes from thrift stores and charity sales.  Still, I can better navigate these places if I am informed.  Stay safe!  Have fun!


Brody, K. (2011). Tricky Choice. Scholastic Parent & Child, 19(2), 59-65.