Meet the Military & Government Collection


U.S. flag at the Charleston, SC waterfront

Image by Ron Cogswell: Retrieved from and used according to a Creative Commons Attribution License

Today finds us between Election Day and Veterans’ Day.  This is a perfect time to look more closely at the Military & Government Collection.  Though the database name is self-explanatory, sample searches tell a fuller story.

In the past I’ve had questions about community policing.  A keyword search for the term yielded 231 results: 79 academic articles, 67 government documents, 66 magazine articles, 5 newspaper articles, and 4 reviews.*

Next I searched for pieces on critical thinking.  A subject search  gave me 120 results: 84 magazine articles, 24 academic articles, 9 trade publication articles, and 2 reviews.*

Of course I had to do a search for information literacy.  A subject search (again limited to the past ten years) gave me 10 results: 5 journal articles, 3 magazine articles, and 1 trade publication article.*

This has been a database exercise.  It is also a salute to USM’s military veterans–as well as active duty military, National Guard, first responders, and public officials.

*I limited all searches to the past ten years.  Because something can be placed into multiple categories or no categories, the category numbers do not add up to the total number of results.