Working with College Transitions


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Next week I’ll be giving a talk about my work with Lewiston Adult Education’s College Transitions Program.  Here’s a presentation preview:

The LAE College Transitions students usually research health topics of their own choosing.  I show these learners useful resources.

The students themselves can best speak to how the session benefits them.  At the very least they gain exposure to college research expectations.  Thanks to our extremely friendly campus tour guide they also see USM as a welcoming place.

Obviously I benefit, too.  I love sharing the library with new users!  When I see things through a newcomer’s eyes, I gain fresh perspective.

The challenges of teaching these sessions are the same challenges I face teaching any session.  With the one-shot format we can get bogged down in looking for information.   As a partial solution I have created a resource guide for College Transitions students.  Since I created it after my latest sessions, I shared it with the classes as a follow-up.  In the future I would like to share it beforehand.  Then the students and I could spend less time looking for information, and more time engaging with it.

The actual presentation will include a visual, a tour of the guide, and time for questions.    As a librarian I welcome questions.