Welcome Back Spring 2014

Graffiti welcome sign

Image from alborzshawn: Retrieved from http://www.flickr.com/photos/7502393@N04/472028910 and used according to a Creative Commons Attribution License

Welcome back, everyone!  I hope you had a safe, pleasant time off.

As always your librarians are here to help you with customized guides, visits, and more.  We are happy to offer instruction, but we offer a variety of other services as well.  An article (Torabi, 2012) in University Affairs  describes library services especially well.  These services include support for your scholarship.

Speaking of scholarship, we have been creating faculty Selected Works sites for USM’s Digital Commons.   Through this project we hope to bring much-deserved attention to your research.  We welcome your input!

Remember, too, that we are here for you throughout the semester, not only at the beginning.  We look forward to working with you!


Torabi, N. (2012, October 17). A librarian offers tips for your next trip to the library. University Affairs/Affaires Universitaires.  Retrieved from http://www.universityaffairs.ca.