Skating scores and info lit scores

Ice rink in blue

Image from Alastair Burt: Retrieved from, and used according to a Creative Commons Attribution License

When I think of the  Winter Olympics, I think of figure skating.  When I think of figure skating, I think of the scoring system.  All right, first I think of the gorgeous men and graceful ladies.  Then I think of the scoring system.  What do figure skating scores have to do with information literacy?

First of all the International Skating Union (n.d.) has guidelines for scoring a routine’s technical elements.  These guidelines resemble a rubric.  The Association of American Colleges and Universities (2014) has a rubric that can guide our information literacy conversations.

Secondly, the ISU scoring system includes an artistic component. Information literacy, likewise, has an affective aspect that is too often ignored (Ward, 2006).

Let us keep these principles in mind as we assess info lit.  In the meantime here’s hoping for safe, fair, and enjoyable games!


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