My viewpoint on POV Reference Center

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The libraries subscribe to the Points of View Reference Center database.  For those of you who’ve never tried it, it is a useful starting point to research hot topics.

Each Point of View entry includes a point essay, a counterpoint essay, and critical analyses.  These would be useful for getting some background on  a topic, as would the Debate blog.


Along with the Points of View are a variety of source types.   If you are going in-depth about source types in your courses, I would love to collaborate on a lesson!


Other handy features include images that you or your students can use in class presentations.  These images are copyrighted, though, and can only be used for classroom purposes.


Try Points of View Reference Center for yourself.  You are the best judges of where this database, or specific features, would be useful.  Of course you can also contact your librarians for more information.